can i make it?

gobo is going to make 1000 star wars posts
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this is gobo here, this is my brainchild. i have a tenative goal of making 1000 star wars posts by May 25th 2007 which is the 30th birthday of star wars!

-and thus, i have been devising many ways to increase my star wars post count within the next 9 months...

this is one of them. i am recruiting my friends and distant bounty hunters (just like the little fuckin r2 d2s, and chewies, and nein nubs, and hell even the landos); giving them the honor and privilege to help add to this awesome count.

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all membership is moderated, so if i think you are cool and real and stuff and can help out the rebel allience against the evil empire... then simple enough i'll let your ass in. i will archive every star wars post and date that particular index post to be "forward-dated" for MAY 25th 2007!!!!

at which time i will also turn the comments to that particular post on so everyone can give a mother fuckin 'hurrah we made it!!'

will i (we) make this ambitious goal? will i look like a fucking moron if i only get 200 posts?

shit, man... me and chewie got into places more heavily gaurded than this!

when the famous opening scroll of star Wars mentions "a galaxy far, far away," it might unwittingly refer to the a spike in the imagination of all of fuckin mankind. like saying "here try this idea out" and then you do, and you want to, and you don't feel pretentious doing it.

it may also ape that era, the 1970s themselves, a time when "the force" went hand in hand with "the Fonz," and ultimate hokeyness ran utterly unchecked!

today it's impossible to estimate the full ramifications of Star Wars.

i bet for every five seconds there is a new star wars idea, product, or unrelated inspired peice of art/literature/movie/ect derived from the world of luke skywalker.

my simple and only recorded review of the movie is as follows: "a great movie. yep... this is it! what movie can be watched a 1000 times by three generations and still captivate an audience? wow. nothing else can compare."

watching this movie today again, even after many many years, i cannot help but compare it to the stale and formulaic films that have dominated the box office in recent years. in a world crammed with media and so many electronic devices that humans have often lost their consciousness... much of the spontaneity that once used to characterize old school life seems to have quietly disappeared. let's keep Luke, Han, Leia, Ben, Yoda, and the other unique characters that struggled against 'the dark side' alive and fucking well for future mother fuckin generations.

i'm not some huge freakish fuckin fan (we're still working on that i guess), i don't dress up as a stormtrooper and go to comic book conventions and shit, i'm just a normal dude who likes star wars as much as the next guy.

-and to be quite brutally honest: star wars is not the greatest film ever made.

...however, not to sound contradictory: it is a movie that I will love forever and ever.

may the force be with you!